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FAQ - Unemployment Cost Management

Where do I send my claim forms?
Please send forms to:
UC eXpress
P.O. Box 283
St. Louis, MO 63166-0283

How can UC eXpress® increase my profitability while also increasing my efficiency?

UC eXpress offers superior quality in processing claims while reducing your need for internal resources. This is accomplished by protesting erroneous or invalid benefit charges, establishing uniform procedures for all locations, and reducing unemployment tax rates to the lowest possible level.

Does UC eXpress offer any solutions for non-profit or public organizations?

Yes, UC eXpress tailors unique and specialized solutions for each of their clients including public and private organizations. We recognize that each client has specific needs and are uniquely qualified to meet those needs on an individual basis.

What is a benefit charge audit?

Each year, an estimated $3 billion dollars are erroneously charges to employer’s tax accounts for unemployment benefits. UC eXpress thoroughly reviews the weekly charges on a regular basis to eliminate these errors. We verify that charges are assigned to the correct employer and state account number and are in-line with final claim determinations, as well as confirm that all correct documentation was received. When necessary, charge protests are submitted to the state to ensure that determinations and proper credits are received for future tax rate verification.

How does UC eXpress® report information to me?

UC eXpress assists clients in monitoring their unemployment compensation cost control programs by providing timely and informative reports which can be distributed weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Our reports are available online or transmitted via email to ensure that they are delivered in a timely manner.

These reports provide clients with unemployment activity figures (such as the number of separations, claims filed, claims protested and decisions) according to their corporate hierarchy. Our report structures allow for up to 99 summary levels (i.e., corporate, regional, district, division, etc.). Detail reports for each location show individual claimant eligibility and unemployment benefits paid, as well as the reason a protested claim may have been lost. We also offer compliance reports that help ensure the service is working to its full capability and an annual report that summarizes our savings to the client.

What reports are available?

Standard Reports

  • Unemployment Activity Analysis/Claims Activity Report (Includes Hearings Summary)
  • Status of Unemployment Claims/Claims Activity Report – Detail
  • Summary of Unemployment Charge Errors/Benefit Change Credit Report

Additional Reports

  • Unfavorable Determination Report
  • Avoidable Loss Decisions Report
  • Unprotested Claim Report
  • Missing Separation Report
  • Late Claim Report
  • Separation Analysis
  • Summary of Unemployment Charges
  • Separation Call Report
  • Weekly Listing of Claimants
  • Compliance Analysis

Detailed Tax Reports

  • Tax Rate Comparison
  • Factors Impacting Tax Rate
  • Reorganization Analysis
  • Joint/Common Rate Analysis
  • Voluntary Contribution Chart
  • Minimum/Maximum Comparison Chart
  • Cost per Employee Report

How can I help my organization prevent fraud?

Earning wages while collecting benefits is the #1 cause of fraud in the unemployment insurance system! Utilizing our extensive database of payroll records, we cross-reference applicable weekly charges to detect individuals who have collected benefits and wages in the same period. “Matched” weekly charges are reviewed and then potential fraud and errors are protested with the state agencies. Resulting credits are applies to employer's UI reserve accounts.

How can I stay current with all of the changes taking place within the unemployment industry?

UC eXpress provides clients with many valuable resources to help them stay abreast of the changes taking place within the industry. For instance, on-site management training is accomplished through educational seminars and personal visits. Additionally, we provide group seminars in major metropolitan areas so that management and operations personnel can gather to learn of updates on current topics.

UC eXpress also distributes various publications to inform clients of time-sensitive issues between visits and seminars. These come in the form of newsletters, tax alerts and bulletins of changes in state and federal laws affecting unemployment issues, access to quarterly online Legislative Updates, and online tools found in webManager.

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